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Acoustic Enclosure For Diesel Generator


Construction – Acoustic enclosure  is made out of  cold rolled steel  of best quality available in india OfTATA STEEL OR ESSAR STEEL  . After fabrication sheet metal parts  go thru eight tank treatment and finally powder coated for long lasting finish. Acoustic enclosure is of modular construction with the provision to assemble and dismantle easily as per site condition

Exhaust System - Noise Suppressor

Absorption type non-resistance Residential Silencer insulated from inside with mineral wool is provided to suppress exhaust noise from the engine.


High Density fire retardant and noise reduction type Acoustic Foam or Resin Bonded Rockwool of suitable density properly covered with Fibrecloth / tissue and perforated sheet is properly rivitted  on all doors, roof and sides of the enclosure to absorb noise.

Ventilation System

A suitably designed Draught Ventilation System is incorporated & wherever necessary axial blower is provided.

Performance Parameters

The average sound level when measured in green field (ISO 8528 Part 10) at 1 metre distance from all four sides is less than 75db (A) average, as per CPCB norms.

The average stabilized hot air temperature rise within the canopy near suction air filter is maintained within 7oC over and above ambient temperature.

Hardware- locks & hinges used are of stainless steel, Door rubber is of  fine epdm quality

Viewing window

A glass window is provided for easy viewing of the genset parameters


Built in Fuel Tank

Sharan acoustic enclosure have unique ”Built in Fuel Tank” which provides absolute safety protection and long hours of uninterrupted and continuous power. A special fuel gauge is also provided for monitoring the fuel level. (Fuel Tank Capacity will be for 8 to 12 hours running of DG Set)


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