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Acoustic Enclosure For High Noise Machines

Deal with high rise generating machines then it is obvious to understand how difficult it is to function effectively in high noise conditions. We at Sharan have the perfect solution to your problem. We offer the best acoustic enclosure for heavy Noise generating machines. They are designed it a lot of detailing so that each and every minute cause of noise is taken care of. These are highly acclaimed for its low noise and resistance to corrosion. These are made with windows, doors and inspection panels. They are easy to relocate, remove and maintain. Our acoustic enclosure reduces noise and meets the ISO 14001 norms for environment. Industrial Noise Control can be achieved by sound absorption, isolation, damping vibrations, and by avoiding resonance in structure and machine parts. The wall construction of 100mm (4") thick sound rated panels and accessories allows a degree of construction freedom not possible with conventional acoustic panel systems. These specifications go a long way to ensure great soundproofing.

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