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CNC punching can offer a more cost effective profiling solution than laser cutting

SHARAN ELECMECH has WORLD BEST MURATA (JAPAN) PUNCHING MACHINE Rapid processing speeds and lower operating costs can make CNC punching a cheaper profiling solution than laser cutting, depending on part complexity and batch size.  In addition, punching machines can generate simple formed features such as dimples, louvres, logo indentations and knock-outs, thus avoiding the need for additional operations.

SHARAN ELECMECH CNC punching machines are capable of punching materials in thicknesses up to 5mm and sheet sizes up to 2.5 metres x 1.25 metres.   The materials punch profiled include stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, brass, copper and plastics.  Using computer-assisted part nesting allows maximum material utilisation.

.Our advanced CAD/CAM system enables components to be programmed quickly and accurately, ensuring that there are no delays either leading up to or during production. CAD drawings are accepted via e-mail in Autocad,  DXF and DWG formats.

Weather you need a few prototypes or several thousand parts, we can meet your requirements quickly using the technology that is best suited for your project. We can provide quick quotations and speedy delivery.
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