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    Perforated Cable Trays

    Sharan designs and manufactures the most extensive range of perforated type cable trays, which are used for the installation of cables. These perforated cable trays can accommodate number of branch lines. They also have the capacity to bear great loads. We make perforated Type Cable Trays for various industries. The perforated cable trays are made available in different sizes with a variety of materials and finishes. 

    These perforated cable trays are made with very high grade mild steel, stainless steel, FRP, GRP. They can also be provided in pre-galvanized steel & hot dip galvanized. They come with enamel or powder coating to last them a very long time. We can manufacture perforated cable trays of up to 6000mm / 20 Feet In length.  

    The accessories of these cables include all types of bends i.e. horizontal, vertical, inside and outside bends. The accessories also include reducers, crosses, tees, clamps, connecting pieces, slotted angels for support etc. besides the standard sizes of the cables, custom made dimensions of the cables can also be supplied. 

    Besides these we also fabricate we also manufacture ladder type cable trays, wire mesh type, aluminum trays, FRP cable trays, special supporting systems, cable race ways & trunking. We take special care in the choice of material for every desired end product. We usually use mild steel cable trays in all types of plants. For Petrochemical plants, Chemical plants, Paper mills and marine environment we generally use Aluminum trays. 

    Stainless Steel Trays are used in other corrosive environments but we also highly recommend and use Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastics for this purpose.

    The product specifications are as follows:

    Width 50 to 1250 mm
    Depth 20 to 150 mm
    Thickness 1.6 to 3 mm
    Length 2500 to 6000 mm

    For the purpose of durability, aesthetics and a good finishing we use Paint, epoxy coat, H.D. galvanisation or a powder coat. To adhere to the quality and company standards we use steel as per IS: 1079/513 and the Galvanizing is done as per IS : 2629/4759.

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