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Stainless Steel Enclosures

For durability, corrosion resistance, tensile and shear strength, stainless steel enclosures are a good choice.  Stainless steel retains its strength at high temperatures, which can be crucial in extreme environments. An additional plus of using stainless steel enclosures is stainless steel long lasting attractive appearance, which can be great for enclosures in highly visible areas.

Stainless steel also has intrinsically hygienic advantages, making it the right choice for enclosures that might be used in clean room environments, in laboratories, and in pharmaceutical or food processing situations. Stainless steel enclosures do not require painting, anodizing or other surface treatments. Stainless steel enclosures are also a perfect choice for harsh and corrosive environments. And while stainless steel is initially more costly than other materials, its low maintenance needs and long life expectancy can make it the most cost-effective over the long run.

A side from cost, among the factors that might make stainless steel a less appropriate choice for your particular enclosures application is its relatively heavy weight.

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